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You seriously NEED to check out this ridiculously gnarly team! We’re 100% committed to your workout. You will find an atmosphere filled with high energy, motivated and motivating instructors. Come and see what makes us special.


Renowned For Remarkable Results!

50 Years of combined experience – that’s equal to 350 dog years. Dang! We’re Sarasota’s choice for exceptional personal training and group classes. Join one of our super fun classes and get fit TODAY! Certified, knowledgeable and professional, we guarantee you results.


Located at 1489 5th Street in Downtown Sarasota

We’re Downtown! Located in the middle of Sarasota and close to YOU. Get to the gym, get a great workout and get on with your day. It’s a clean, fun facility that’s easy to access and rock the best workout ever in the history of time.

Recent Articles


Levi Root Joins Definition Fit Team!

Ok folks, the early morning fun continues! We are thrilled to announce that Levi Root has joined our team and will be brining his awesome class ROOT CAMP to our schedule. Join Levi on TUESDAY mornings at 7am beginning November 4th!

Levi Root joins the Definition Fit team from Burlington, Vermont, where he was a four year letter winner on the Men’s Varsity Track and Field Team at the University of Vermont. Through the tutelage of his event coach he developed a passion for the human body and increasing athletic performance. After graduation in 2010, Levi became certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, holding their Certified Personal Trainer credential, as well as coaching Division 1 high school track and field at Mount Mansfield Union High School. Levi began working with corrective exercise and finding ways to make every body as efficient and pain free as it was intended to be. This lead Levi to golf fitness, and back to game that he has been playing for over a decade.
Levi became certified by the Titleist Performance Institute as a Level 2 Fitness and Level 2 Power Development Professional and opened Root Golf Performance in May of 2014. Following the TPI model Levi is able to identify physical limitations in a person’s body that cause inefficiencies in the golf swing, robbing it of power as well as consistency. Levi believes that every body is meant to perform at its peak, and only by starting from the ground up can optimal efficiency be achieved. When not training you can find Levi playing various sports ranging from golf, to cycling, to rugby.


Mexican Madness 1, That Other Guy 0

That crazy Mexican has done it again! On Oct 18th, Saturday night in Mexico City our very own Javier Chunty Boy Torres won his fight in the 2nd round by submission! You can watch the whole fight at this link: JAVIER TORRES FIGHT

We are so proud of our beloved Mad Mexican, make sure to give him a high five or kick to the face when you see him next.

Due to his excellent skill and hard work he was immediately offered the opportunity to fight again at the World Series of Fighting on Nov 15th right here in Tampa, FL. Tickets will be available soon at the WSOF website. Team up with the Definition Fit group and let’s support our favorite MMA fighter!
For updates make sure to follow Definition Fit on Facebook at www.facebook/



Melanie Mania Mornings are changing from 5:30am to 6:00am W, F starting next week! Her class will push you to your limits and make you feel muscles you never thought you had! She has been known to build some pretty amazing rockstar athletes and challenge and inspire even those beginning their fitness journey. Her format is simple to follow and very effective! High Intensity Interval Training! Come see for yourself what all the hype is about. First class is on us!


Seeing Gold

We are excited to announce that our very own Reggie Walden won Gold today at the World Kickboxing Championships!! Go team USA!! We are so proud of you!!!!


Dave the Triathlon Destroyer

Congratulations to Dave Weiner for competing in the Intermedix IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta! If you missed tracking Dave’s badass race, we have the times below for you…

Swim: 1.2 miles / 27:58
Bike: 56 miles / 2:39:13
Run: 13.1 miles / 2:25:56

Entire race completed in 5:46:11
Great job Dave, we’re so proud of you!



Making News!

This month, Definition Fit has been featured multiple times on ABC 7 News!

Below are the videos & article for your viewing & reading pleasure. Feel free to share them with friends and post them on your Facebook!




Participants will be expected to attend all 24 classes in the challenge. The LIVE Insanity classes are 30 minutes, 3 days per week for 6 weeks (8/25/14-10/03/14). Prior to the first class each participant will take a before picture with their height, weight and measurements. Additionally they will participate in an Insanity Fit Test the day before the official challenge group class begins. As part of this group you will be added to the Definition Fit Insanity Challenge PRIVATE Facebook group. This PRIVATE group will provide peer to peer support, motivation and healthy eating tips and accountability. By combining fitness, nutrition, peer support and accountability, this Challenge Group will help you achieve your fitness goals faster than you ever imagined! At the end of the 6 weeks a final fit test will be administered along with your weight, measurements and picture will be taken. This Challenge will not only change your body, but it will change your life!

Contact Definition Fit at 941-961-3271 to reserve your spot now! Class is limited to 15 people.



When Bob Gorevan walks into Definition Fit everyone stops what they are doing and announce “Bob’s here!”. He is just that important to us all! Though he’s retired from his duties as a Sarasota Police officer, he is always looking out for us. His presence can be felt as soon as he enters the room and the clients and trainers appreciate his enthusiasm and effort. He has a great sense of humor and is adventurous with his workouts. He is always willing to try something new and usually aces it! His focus, determination and will-power keep everyone around him motivated! We are grateful this amazing man chooses Definition Fit as his gym!

Here is Bob’s story-

I retired from the Sarasota Police Dept with a lot of aches pains and bruises. I made getting back in to shape a retirement goal. After belonging to every “corporate” gym in sarasota I decided that I needed a different approach. I heard about Def Fit and know a few members so i decided to check them out. I found Tom Johnsons Power TRX class and after a few classes knew it was right for me. It offered the two aspects I’ve been looking for, “Core and Cardio” I’ve been going for a year now and feel great. I also go to Tom for my personal one on one training too. Working out on a regular basis has given me the oppurtunity to enjoy my second passion…….cooking and enjoying barbecue !



We welcome our newest Certified Trainer, Sean Snyder. He is an avid runner, yogi and loves to Paddleboard! Sean begins teaching this Monday June 29th at 11:30am. His class is called “Strong & Lean” and includes 30 minutes of weight lifting followed by 30 minutes of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. You will build strong lean muscles and find better balance and stability with the combination of moves in this class. Please come try Seans class, your first class is on us. Hope to see you there! Here is Sean’s schedule so far-

Mondays 11:30 AM

Wednesdays 10:30 AM

Fridays 10:30 AM



Maria Brady is one amazing lady and we are proud to have her represent Definition Fit as client of the month for June 2014! When we first met Maria she was already a beautiful, small framed woman, friendly and warm. But, the Maria we have added to our Def Fit family is so much more than that!!

Tom Johnson, head Rat-Master and TRX Power guru has even added a new exercise to his book called the “Maria”!! It is a difficult move, because Maria Brady means business! She not only does the move easily, but has a way of showing up all the other students in the classes with her. Don’t get me wrong, she won’t mock you when you try and fail. She will simply demonstrate, or help you, she’s just that nice too! Despite Steve Schadt always claiming that he’s “winning” during class, Maria often out does the rest. She always smiles and pushes herself and others and that’s why every instructor wants her to come to their classes. She brings great energy and spirit wherever she goes!

When she’s not working out, she runs a full time business as a well-recognized and respected Wedding Planner and though she doesn’t brag, articles about her have been found in many nationally known magazines and websites. She is a pro at whatever she does!! We are proud that she calls Definition Fit home!

Here is Maria’s story…

I used to be a dancer so regular physical activity has always been a big part of my life. Once I stopped dancing, I really missed the sense of accomplishment that I felt after a long day of rehearsals. I was constantly looking for new workouts to maintain my health and fitness as well as my drive and focus…but everything grew old after a while.

In 2010 I walked into Definition Fit and signed up for a TRX class. After my first class, I was HOOKED!! It was love at fist workout! And Tom, the TRX trainer was awesome…he was very motivating. It was mind-blowing to me, the next day, how much I felt that class everywhere. It was though I had never worked out before.

Four years later, the addiction to TRX has not grown old…I still LOVE IT! And I still workout with Tom. In addition to that, I have added Dave’s Strength, Stamina and Stability class and Daemian’s Interval Training as well. They challenge you and inspire you like no others. I feel like I am always doing something I have never done before which takes the tediousness and monotony out of working out. That feeling of accomplishment is back and I know I am doing good by my body as well!

There is such a great sense of community at Def Fit. I’ve met so many wonderful people through the workout classes. Both the trainers and the regulars have become like family and everyone is very supportive of each other.

Let’s face it, working out is hard…and takes discipline…but I totally appreciate that I can do it. After recovering from a second knee injury a year ago, I swore I would never take my body for granted again.

I am STRONGER now than I have ever been! I love my workout life and Def Fit family!!

Maria Brady, PBC